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BIO: Annemarieke WEBER

Annemarieke Weber lives and works in Amsterdam. In the Dutch capital, 178 different nationalities live and meet in public spaces. As a communications officer and artist, she specialises in bringing people together in an interactive and creative way, aiming to help people understand each other. Weber wants to stimulate dialogue and art in public spaces, and encourage people to show they care about their fellow human beings. Therefore, in 2006, she invented and designed the Findfence as a stimulating and artistic communication device. A meeting place that makes people smile, meet and interact. Art you can use.

When creating her Findfence, Weber could not have foreseen the reactions. Both young and old, from different cultural backgrounds and educated on every level, everybody understands the philosophical meaning of the Findfence. Weber has found proof of the general appeal of her Findfence concept in over a hundred articles in newspapers, magazines, television, radioshows and so on. As a writer and journalist, she values the continuous media attention for her creation.

Annemarieke Weber also takes a great interest in sustainability and environmental issues. “What can be more ´cradle to cradle´ than recycling your own personal belongings by finding them back on a Findfence?”

Find your lost object back. Add a found object

Vindhek, in  English `Findfence` is a conceptual art project, based on universal human values and emotions. Inspired by recognizable human character properties as honesty, respect, making a friendly, thoughtfull gesture to each other, getting in contact in an anonymous, distant world.

People, passers-by, who find lost personal belongings in public places, can put it up the Findfence. Someone who has lost something can go look at the Findfence to see if another has made the friendly gesture to put it up there. Like this the two can meet each other.

Respect, honesty and trust
Findfence is a concept about respect, honesty and trust. It embodies and creates empathy and attention for people in their own living environment. It appeals directly to universal human values and needs and Findfence awakens the most precious characteristics with its users or passers-by. A smile on many faces is the result. Anyone can recognize, subconsciously, Findfences meaning.

Interactive Art
Every one who puts an object up, or finds back his belongings participates and uses the Findfence as an interactive communication device. Finder and loser meet. Social cohesion is born. Near home, it creates a meeting place and recognisable landmark. Every day other object embellish the fence. Colours, form and structure change constantly. Thus the Findfence becomes a living work of art, created by its users.

Intercultural smile
The concept of Findfence has been extensively tested in the Amsterdam Vondelpark. This civil monument attracts 10.000 visitors a year. Tourist of all nationalities understand its function immediately, without words. They start to smile, endeared, when they see it appearing on their walk in the park. Like this, the Findfence works beautifully as a city-marketing tool. Tourists take photos continually and with the Findfence image, the city and friendly character of its inhabitants, conquer the world.

The creator and designer of the Findfence, Annemarieke Weber, will be happy to give you more information about the design and possibilities of locating in your own town.
Please contact, Amsterdam, Phone 0031 (0)6 28 80 14 79.
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My Findfence is meant to function as a communication device, simply, through lost and found personal belongings. A passer-by puts a dear kids toy in the Findfence, another finds back her key or his favourite cap that brings back so many wonderfull memories. Maybe loser and finder meet, recognize this friendly gesture and start a conversation, sitting on the bench that I designed around my Findfence to meet and chat, to exchange humane, warm attention or a beautifull smile.


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