Blogs, photos and international social media

Blogs, photos and international social media

Blogs and photos about the interactive art installation Vindhek / Findfence appear in all over the world in international social media. A great blog by Sanna from Southern Ontario,Canada with enthousiastic reactions. Thank you Sanna for your thourough research.

Violet Sky blog. Lost and found

While walking through the Vondelpark one morning I found this interesting looking fence surrounding a tree. it was decorated with cut out birds and the ubiquitous XXX symbol – the three St Andrew’s Crosses of the Amsterdam Coat of Arms – and a website for
Nearby was this large sign as an explanation

The fence surrounding the tree was a ‘Findfence’ or a lost and found fence.  The sign says something along the lines of “find a lost object, add a found one”.  If you find something that someone has dropped, you can hook it onto the fence.  If you’ve lost something, this might be a great place to look for it after you’ve done a thorough pocket and ground search.  What a great idea. honesty and trust, and so friendly!
but I wondered about the flags for 18 different languages (English, Chinese, Swedish, Italian, German, Greek, Norwegian, Japanese, Danish, Turkish, Frisian, Moroccan, Surinamese, French, Hungarian, Spanish, Russian, Finnish). I think the idea is to make the fence an interactive experience where you upload a photo onto some social media site and link back to Vindhek.

Anyway, as you can see there weren’t too many objects on the fence on this particular weekend, several keys, though! Read the inventory made by Johann from Maine, USA.
I imagine that there would be many lost mittens, scarves, keys etc., in the winter as people constantly put their hands in and out of their pockets.Yes, mostly coins from every country you could imagine.
Oh, and as an aside, during my research once I got home, I discovered that the birds were special to Amsterdam – they are finches. in Utrecht the birds are robins, and in Amersfoort they are swallows.


Delores October 1, 2014What a great idea…a lost and found fence.
VioletSky It’s an awfully big park, so I wonder how far away some of these found objects were found. I was also concerned about so many lost keys! but, yes, a great idea
Restlessjo: I’d be seriously tempted to lose something on purpose, just so I could use the fence. :) Nice isn’t it?
Many thanks for your link to mine and for your very interesting contribution. It will appear at the bottom of my next week’s walk. See you then! :)
VioletSky: If I lived there, I think I’d be playing along and at least keeping my eye open while out on my daily stroll.
Tom: Great idea!
Linda:I love the idea of a Findfence!
PC:That is soo cool.
Cranberry Morning: Fun post! Like that lonely little sock. :-) So glad you stopped in today!
Norma: what a novel idea for lost and found! and it makes for an interesting, artsy display too.
Gemma: An interesting idea. We could do with a feature like that on a tree near our beach foreshore – especially in summer.
Sallie: That is absolutely the neatest thing ever! I love the idea. Here in Oregon there would be a ton of umbrellas. People are always losing them (not that I know that from personal experience or anything ;>)
Ruth: How very unusual!

Johann the Cabbie: Vondelpark’s lost and found department

Vondelpark has a Findfence. If you find something in the park, clip it to the fence. I did an inventory.
2 pieces of candy in wrappers
1 rock
1 pacifier
3 coins
1 note from tourists saying they love Amsterdam
3 sets of keys
1 piece of cardboard approx 1″x4″
1 thing you put around your neck to hold ID
2 businesses cards
1 hotel swipe key
1 fluffy red thingy
1 blue plastic wearable thing

Blogs quoted:

  • Canada: Violet Sky Lost and found Findfence Vondelpark Amsterdam
  • United States of America, Maine: Johann the Cabbie Inventory of the Findfence
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