Denmark very cool

Denmark, Copenhagen

is the home base of Joy and Karl. They have a stroll in the Vondelpark on an early Sunday morning. “Very Cool” Joy says with a big smile on her face as she looks curiously at the Vindhek Vondelpark Findfence.

The Findfence is full of notes again. Love notes, Thank you notes, all cheerful, sunny, merry and amusing. There is also a note from other tourist from Denmark. Of course with a little heart drawn next to the text. There are scribbles from France, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Turkey and so on.

Peace to everyone

And there is a call for peace, in Dutch – in the handwriting of a child: “Everybody who reads this must see that there will be peace for everyone”

Hitte staket-gjerde-hegn

Vindhek Denmark Hittehegn

See for an explanation in Danish

‘Vindhek’ ‘Hittehegn‘ old rules and old words conspiring to create new words :-)
Photo of Bjorn Jespersen on FlickR

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