Egypt – Meet three humorous students

Egypt. Meet three humorous students

Egypt, the three tall men I met today are students from Egypt. “Five euros” the funniest one responds when I ask them to pose for the international photo series at The Vondelpark Findfence. And when I ask them to step next to the international sign with 16 translations, he says: “Another 5 euros, we are poor students.”
The conversations starts getting hilarious. So I try to explain the difference between humour from Amsterdam and Rotterdam, in my best and impeccable Dunglish. And the funniest student concludes he has to visit Rotterdam too.



They start reading the sign next to the Vindhek and they don´t understand the, supposed, Arabic translation so they write a new one in my notebook. “I hope you will be able to read his handwriting” one of them says, the other busy writing. “You are my first Egyptians,” I say. “Well, we hope we will not be your last.” Another cheerful and lighthearted meeting at the art installation.


By the way, this note reminds me of the Yogoslav translation I received: pronalazacka ograda. But I didn´t have a chance to ask another Yogoslav if the translation is correct.

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