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Easter Pasen Pâques Påske Ostern

Easter Pasen Pâques Påske Ostern

Easter brought a lot of tourists to Amsterdam. From all over the world people stopped at the Vindhek Vondelpark Findfence and appoached it with cheerful curiosity and a smile on their facesEaster-2015-Vindhek
like Joris, Carolien and Carine from Amsterdam, Saida and Santi from Spain, Dominic and Christian from Achen and Marco, Sara, Frederica and Matteo from Milano, Italy.

Vertrauen, vertrouwen

´Dieses Konzept handelt um Vertrauen,´ said Dominic from Aachen, immediately understanding the meaning and concept of the Findfence. Vindhek, das heisst Fundzaun auf Deutsch. Aber dass ist sehr schön, dieser Begegnung mit ein kluger junger Mann und Nachbar. And again, the tourist didn´t stop taking pictures.Easter Pasen Eggs

Business cards

As a token of their existence and presence at the Vondelpark during Easter holidays, many tourists leave their business cards. At Easter we saw many, from Berlin, Stuttgart (D), Birmingham (GB), Bari (IT), Greece (the letters not being legible for us, Dutch) and Zürich (CH).Pasen-Paasei-Vindhek-com

Le weekend de Pâques

De joyeuses rencontres à La Trouvaillerie au milieu du Vondelpark avec des touristes allemands, anglais, grêques, italiens, espagnols et quelques voisins Amsterdammiens. Tous s´approchent de La Trouvaillerie avec une curiosité attentive. Si vous voulez rencontrer des gens de tous les pays du monde et les voir souriants, visitez La Trouvaillerie en Hollande un beau jour.Pasen-Easter-Kuiken-Vindhek-com